Speculative Gatherings

Vernissage 10/5

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What worlds are possible? How can we adapt to changing states of crisis? What stories do we want to tell? In a society focused on the individual, we need to create ways of gathering.

Speculative gathering is a culture of multiple voices, not one. When we gather we make worlds and tell stories, make tools and ideas. Speculating asks us to think about how things are and how they could be. Speculative gatherings are sites to question our relation to worlds, what stories and histories we can tell, and what can change. 

Through artistic research and questions of publicness we have created 15 artistic projects. As we complete our Masters of Fine Art at HDK-Valand, we will be hosting these projects during a public program in May. 

We welcome you to join a series of events, talks, dinners, performances, screenings. Now we want to host you, share with you and gather with you.

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