Alqumit Alhamad

Alqumit Alhamad (b. 1992) is born in Jordan and raised in Cyprus and Syria, based in Sweden. Alhamad’s artistic practice is deeply rooted in an understanding of displacement, reflecting the experiences of a war refugee. His work explores themes such as rootlessness, diaspora, storytelling, queerness, and renewal. Thriving at the intersection of the diverse cultural landscapes that he grew up in.

The art project materializes as an installation, taking the form of a 2 x 2 meters cube enveloped in a "Dictatorship Blue." Situated prominently within the center of a space, the cube is intentionally designed to be cryptic, prompting individuals to discern the entry mechanism and subsequently explore its internal contents. No signs, texts, or warnings, just as if you are caught up in a sudden foreign invasion. Complementing a sound featuring a humming lullaby component is installed to evoke both curiosity and intimidation and serve as a method of interrogation and forewarning.

Alqumit Alhamad, Lament of Warefare, digital design of the installation, 2024


Speculative Gatherings
Hus A, Göteborg

10 - 18 May, 2024
10/5:     Opening event 17-19
11/5:      12-18
12/5:     12-18
13/5:     Closed
14/5:     Closed
15/5:     12-19
16/5:     12-19
17/5:      12-19
18/5:     12-18