Catja Tonberg

Catja Tonberg is a mixed media artist that works with the personal and the political intertwined, using a queer feminist lens. Tonberg’s research driven process often comes with a playfulness through projection, drawing, installation and performance. Currently finishing a masters in Fine Arts at HDK-Valand, she has a bachelor from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and a journalist background.

Catja Tonberg’s project Växtvärk / Growing pains is an investigation into the feminization of plants through cultural and scientific naming practices. In this work Tonberg questions how queering can create a shift in this status quo, and explores how we can think differently about these naming conventions and the implications of feminizing the non-human. With a special focus on queer enjoyment, Tonberg will present parts of this research project at the master exhibition, playing with the layering roles of these names.

Catja Tonberg, Växtvärk / Growing pains, 2024


Speculative Gatherings
Hus A, Göteborg

10 - 18 May, 2024
10/5:     Opening event 17-19
11/5:      12-18
12/5:     12-18
13/5:     Closed
14/5:     Closed
15/5:     12-19
16/5:     12-19
17/5:      12-19
18/5:     12-18