Ville Hulling

Ville Hulling (b. 1999) is an explorative artist and filmmaker from Matfors. With a background in filmmaking and visual communication, he chooses not to be limited to specific mediums as a way of keeping his experimental possibilities open. Through mostly (but not only) VR, painting, animation, cryptography, music and programming he explores concepts of glitch, anticommunication and art in scientific research.

As his masters project, Hulling has created a method called Haunted by Glitches. The method has been created as a way of exploring what can be found if one stops focusing on an end goal and starts seeing all that goes “wrong” as a new exciting path to follow. In Speculative Gatherings this method and its results will be shown in multiple ways. However, due to the unexpectedness of the method not even Hulling knows exactly what shapes it will take.

Ville Hulling, work in progress VR experiment, 2024


Speculative Gatherings
Hus A, Göteborg

10 - 18 May, 2024
10/5:     Opening event 17-19
11/5:      12-18
12/5:     12-18
13/5:     Closed
14/5:     Closed
15/5:     12-19
16/5:     12-19
17/5:      12-19
18/5:     12-18