Ida Bomm
Ida Bomm is a research-based artist with an additional educational background in pedagogy. She is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. In her practice, she departs from the historical medium of painting, which she uses as a tool to encounter alternative pasts and a strategy to initiate collective speculations on futures through imagination and empathy. 

This ongoing research project aims to critically investigate the historical medium of painting as a practice of individualism and human mastery. Acknowledging materials as nonhuman collaborators and perceiving them beyond their visual properties become methods to narrate the history of painting, inextricably linked to a western history of growth and capitalism, differently. Perspectives of the project are shown as collaborative pigment collection. Moreover, Ida invites you to join us for a dinner in which we will propose painting as a strategy for the commons.

Ida Bomm, Making of and thinking through pigments, 2024 


Speculative Gatherings
Hus A, Göteborg

10 - 18 May, 2024
10/5:     Opening event 17-19
11/5:      12-18
12/5:     12-18
13/5:     Closed
14/5:     Closed
15/5:     12-19
16/5:     12-19
17/5:      12-19
18/5:     12-18