Cori Rina Oancea

As a multidisciplinary artist, Cori Rina Oancea creates thought-provoking pieces that serve as catalysts for profound conversations about pressing societal issues such as feminism, motherhood, and gender policies. Born in Romania and now residing in Sweden, with a steadfast commitment to the contemporary and its aesthetic potentials, she consistently seeks to activate encounters around hidden and embodied vulnerabilities.

Multiplicities of Motherhood invites the audience to bring their attention to the challenging and often overlooked aspects of mothering and motherhood. The artist's goal is to tackle these issues by using vulnerability as a lens through which to interrogate gendered and cultural expectations. Recognizing that motherhood extends beyond mere action, Cori Rina sought to intertwine emotions, embodiment, and knowledge she has gathered through research to craft immersive experiences, with the aim of sparking conversations around societal oversights, hidden vulnerabilities, and mother's burdens.

Cori Rina Oancea, Normative Absurdity, 2024.


Speculative Gatherings
Hus A, Göteborg

10 - 18 May, 2024
10/5:     Opening event 17-19
11/5:      12-18
12/5:     12-18
13/5:     Closed
14/5:     Closed
15/5:     12-19
16/5:     12-19
17/5:      12-19
18/5:     12-18